How to split the cost of the service between clients?

  1. Create a new trip or choose one from the list.
  2. Enter the costs of the service and then confirm it.
  3. Locate the category of service costs and answer YES to the question: Do you want to split the cost between clients?
  4. Confirm the split cost request clicking Accept.
  5. In the Details box of clients groups, click the Add group + button. Then enter the name of the group and select the people that will be associated with it. Indicate who will be the main client for this group. Repeat this process according to the number of groups with which you want to divide the costs of the service.
  6. To add the costs, locate the Add cost + button in each group and complete the corresponding information.
  7. To edit the group and the costs, click on the Actions button and choose the corresponding option.
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