How can I enter payments into an invoice?

  1. Create or select a trip from the list
  2. Enter the costs of the service and then confirm it.
  3. Go to the "Payments & Invoices" section located in the top menu of the trip.
  4. Click on the number of invoices of the service you want to add payments.
  5. Click on the "Actions" button of the service next to the invoice and then select "View Information".
  6. A new tab will open with five different sections, use the "next" and "back" button, until you reach "Payments" section.
  7. In the "Payment Information" box, select NO, I’m not going to Request payments for this invoice.
  8. Within the "Payments Sumited" box, click the "Add Payment +" button.
  9. A new tab will open where you must fill out the payment information.
  10. To remove a payment, click the "Actions" button and select the "Delete" option.
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