Step by Step - Add a Provider


  1. Locate the Providers Module on the Main Menu and click.


    2. Select the “Add Provider” button on the right side of the screen.


    3. A new window open. Fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk (*). Once you have finish click “Create a Provider”.


    4. A tab with your provider’s information will open. You can view, add and edit the information.


    5. Return to the Provider List where you can find your new provider and do a search using the country or service filters. Select the provider and a full profile will open at any time you want to work with it.


    6. To delete a provider, select a provider from the list and click the trash can on the right of the screen.


    7. A new window will open asking the following question: Are you sure you want to delete this supplier? Click on Delete.



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