Can I add additional information to a client? What are the different Client Profile Categories?

Travel Contact’s Platform allows you to have a wholesome profile for each client. When you open a client profile, on the left side of your screen you’ll find the following categories:  

  1. General Information: You can add Personal Information (basic information, phone numbers, emails, important dates, addresses); Professional Information: Social Media; Medical Information
  2. Passports, Visas and Nationalities
  3. Networks: Relationship between your clients (Family Members, Coworkers, Friends, etc)
  4. Preferences: On different fields and services:Interests, Hotels, Flights, Cruise, Vehicle, Train
  5. Travel Numbers: Any kind your client is member of.
  6. Agency Information: This section is for internal use and tells you when the client was created, what agent created it and with whom it is being shared. Also you can assign the source, selecting the corresponding option. You can add comments to the client, which will be seen only by agency´s staff.
  7. Trips: history information about all trips which your client belongs.
  8. Virtuoso Preferences: This section is for those agencies part of the Virtuoso Network. You can set the client's marketing permissions and subscriptions. Also you can select the travel preferences of each client according to the different categories.
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