How to confirm and invoice one or more services?

There are 3 ways to confirm and invoice a service:

  1. Select the button confirm trip: Located at the top right side of the screen. If you click here all the services that are marked as payment to the agency will be confirmed and invoiced, and all services marked as payment to the supplier will be confirmed at the same time.
  2. Using the actions button: Select the service you want to confirm from the list and click on the actions button on the right side of the service. A list will be displayed, select confirm and invoice.
  3. Inside the service: When creating a service, you are in a tab on the right side. Click on the confirm button that appears in the lower right once you have completed the fields that allow you to confirm.

Note: You can choose between tracking or not the payment of an invoice. If you choose the Track this invoice option, you must indicate a main client for the invoice and the due date of the same.

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