What types of profiles does TravelContact offer?

Administrator Profile

  1. The Administrative users will have access to the full information within TravelContact platform. 🔓
  2. They can view, add or edit clients, trips, automations and sales reports of all the agency. 👀
  3. They can keep track of everyone's sales, commissions and payments, allowing them to check the productivity of advisors and suppliers. 📈

Agent Profile

  1. Travel agents can view, add or edit their own clients, trips, automations and campaigns. They need public access or a share action to work with data from other advisors. 
  2. They don't have access to the travel agency's administrative section (sales, commissions and payments). 🚫
  3. They also have access to the Reports Module where they can only see their sales. 📈

Assistant Profile

  1. These users have access to almost all the information of the agency in TravelContact. 🔓
  2. They can visualize, add and edit the clients database, they can assign a client to an advisor within the agency. 👀
  3. They can also add or edit automations. 
  4. In the Trips Module, they can view the trips but not edit them. 
  5. Also they can enter and pay the commissions for the confirmed services. 💵
  6. An assistant does not have access to the Reports Module of the agency. 🚫
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