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Welcome to TravelContact, a cloud-based multi-tool platform that simplifies all the daily operations for the travel expert. Where all the information you need is in one place, have your clients and trips in order as well as make beautiful itineraries and closely monitor sales, commissions, and productivity. Also, receive reports and statistics to make the right decisions. Manage your daily operations from anywhere in the world. What are you waiting for, let's humanize technology!


In this section, users will be able to monitor their performance, review their recent activity and plan their day. The dashboard presents a snapshot of all data that has been entered in the platform and gives you the tools to keep track of daily tasks and projects.


  1. Activity: List all trips that are taking place, will take place, or will end this month.
  2. Commissions: List all services with commissions received by the agency during this month.

Clients: See a list of all the clients that have been added to the platform this month and their contact information.

Calendar: Keep track of your entire schedule. Add new events, edit or delete old ones.

Tasks: Keep track of your to do’s for the day.

Clients Module

TravelContact’s Contact Manager. Have all your clients and prospects in one place, easy to access, with complete individual profiles comprising more than 250 travel preferences.

Trips Module

TravelContact’s trip manager and itinerary builder. Manage existing trips, create new proposals, send beautiful itineraries and invoices to your clients. All while keeping track of costs, payments, and commissions.

Suppliers Module

Have all the suppliers information you need in one place. Have access to a clean supplier database and add additional information to each profile for agency use.  

Reports module

Detailed and comprehensive analytics for better decision making. TravelContact enables you to monitor total sales and commissions for the entire company or individual agents.

  1. General info: This will show the total amounts for the agency including commissions and services sold.
  2. Agent search: Filter your information by agent, year and date criteria.
  3. Graphics: See the same information in different graphics.
  1. Advanced search: Filter your information by agent, date range and date criteria.
  2. Select a service: Select the service you want to see.
  3. View service info: See more detailed information about one particular service.
  1. Advanced search: Filter your information by agent, date range and date criteria.
  2. Export info: Download all the information you want, regarding the services sold by the agents.
  3. See agents personalized info: See all the services sold by a particular agent.

Administrative module

Have complete control of your company. Manage preferences, billing, and users. Define your company structure and let TravelContact do the rest.

User: Manage your user list.

Add user: Add a new user and deactivate current ones.

Payroll: Manage all user payments and Schedule payments or fines to individual agency users.

Subagency: Group users together as sub-agencies that later the reports go directly to the host agency.  

Branches: Add new branches and assign a user to particular branches.

Customizations: Personalize to your company’s needs. *This option is currently only available for the Client Module, but will soon be added to other sections of the platform.

Top right menu

Here you will find the following options.

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