Create personal clients profiles for each one of your clients

Get to know your clients down to the last detail and keep track of all their travel history and preferences. Add as much or as little information as you want to need. Create even more attractive and personalized trips to each client without having to ask them the same questions every time.

General information

Once you enter the client's profile you will find a menu on the left side of the screen. The first section is General information. Complete the basic information for your client.

Personal information

Enter basic information about your clients, ranging from contact information up until important dates.

  1. Information: Middle name, birth details, gender, and classifications.
  2. Emergency Contact
  3. Sub-Travelers: Find a list of all the sub-travelers connected to this client.
  4. Sub-Travelers of: In case they are linked to the Main Client.
  5. Phones: Add as many phone numbers as your client has.
  6. Important Dates: Birthdays and anniversaries.
  7. Emails: Add as many emails as your clients have.
  8. Addresses: Client’s addresses. We added the Seasonal address feature in case your clients spend time in different locations.
  9. Assistants: Keep your client’s assistant info available at all times.

Professional information

Everything from the place or company they work at up until the position they hold.

Social media

Add all your client’s social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.

Medical information

Medical information that is relevant to travel.


All passport information. Including expiration dates. You can even upload pictures of the passport for any extra information you might need. Upload as many passports as your client has. The same thing applies to Visas.


Link clients to each other based on their relationships. They could be family, coworkers or friends. This will allow you to create group trips with a single click.


Get to know your clients’ travel preferences - destination, food & drink, entertainment – as well as any specific request regarding: Hotels, Flights, Cruises, Vehicles, and Trains.

  1. Interests: Everything related to travel companions, time of year, locations, general interests and type of trip planning.
  2. Hotel: Bed types, bed sheets, pillow types, hotel stars, services and facilities, as well as, preferred hotel chains.
  3. Flight: Seating preferences, types of meals, special assistance, flight class, and preferred airlines and airports.
  4. Cruise: Services and amenities offered by a cruise, type of cruise, preferred cruise lines, etc.
  5. Vehicle: Transmission and type of vehicle and service.
  6. Train: Type, seats, amenities, and preferred trains.

Traveler Numbers

Keep note of your clients’ travel numbers and loyalty programs in order to make the most out of their trip.

Agency Information

Here you’ll keep track of your clients status within the agency. You’ll be able to share them with other advisors in your company, assign them to a specific agent and review all relevant information for the agency.

  1. General Information: Client’s creation date, ownership and of course client assignment.
  2. Sharing Information: If the client is shared with another agent you can review it here.
  3. Source Information: You will find the source information to determine Client Ownership.
  4. Comments: Add comments about your client. You can choose the privacy of the comment to let other agents see it or not.
  5. Additional Information: The data in this field is encrypted with an extra layer of security. Use this box to save any information you manage about your client.


View each client’s trip history and access detailed information on any trip ever created regardless of the status. You can sort and filter the trip list and even access them directly to continue working on a specific trip.

Additional Documents

Easily save client’s documents to the cloud and be able to download and access them at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Custom Fields

Who can use this feature?

For Admin and Agent


Need more details? You can customize the client section by adding new personalized fields based on your company’s needs. You can set access levels and even manage restrictions and field types.

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