Get to know the Trip Module


A trip manager and itinerary builder all in one. Manage existing trips, create new proposals, send beautiful itineraries and invoices to your clients. While keeping track of costs, payments, and commissions.


Main advantages

Manage your entire trip database. Browse through proposals, confirmed and past trips with easy access to the information so you can review the trip or continue adding details.

Daily operations

You can create thousands of trips with our easy to use trip builder, minimizing the time spent on your day to day tasks. Arrange all client and service information easily, with the flexibility to adapt the platform to your client’s needs and yours.

Create beautiful itineraries for your clients and keep a record of all the historic trips regardless of their status.

Link with other modules

The trip module is linked with the clients' module allowing you access to your clients’ information. Add your client’s network (co-workers, family or friends) to the trip with one simple click. Review your client’s preference section to create an even more attractive trip based on your client interests.

All the cost information you add to your trips (payments and/or commissions) will be reflected through different analytics generated in the reports module.

Lean on your trips dashboard

In the trip’s dashboard, you’ll see the most relevant details of your trip.  From added services all the way to pending invoices, you won’t miss a beat.

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