Find proposals, confirmed and past trips in one place

Who can use this feature?

For Admin and Agent

Basic Plus, & Pro

Find all existing trips listed in this section, regardless of the status, alongside all relevant details. Find your trips faster using the search bar and the different filters.


Look Around

When you enter the Trips Module apart from the list of trips, you will find the search bar,  Filter and the Create Trip button.

Note: You can add new clients to the trips as main contacts.


Status of the Trip

In the list you will find a column with the trip’s status, this refers to the status of the services within the trip.

Between the proposed and the confirmed status there are 2 sub-status that can be selected manually:

  1. Draft: every service in proposal status will automatically have this substatus.
  2. Negotiation: applies for those agencies that wish to work with this substatus to advance the process from draft to negotiation.

For both types the services aren’t confirmed.

Note: The trip can be labeled as lost before you confirm any of the services and all services will stay as canceled/proposal status.

Between the confirmed and canceled status there are 3 sub-status that will appear automatically, they are associated with the dates of the services:

  1. Upcoming: it is activated from 7 days before the first service of the trip begins.
  2. Active: it change to this status when the service started.
  3. Recent: once all the services have finished, the trip changes to recent.


  • When the trip is on recent, it can be labeled as closed, which means this trip is 100% paid by the client, including the corresponding commission.
  • The trip can be labeled as canceled at any moment and all services will change to canceled status.

Note: Having the entire trip canceled there is the option to reopen the trip and all services will return to the proposed status.

Description and Contact Client

The Description of the trip is the name given to the trip by the agent.

A Contact Client is the point person for the travel agent when booking a trip. Make sure they have a method of contacts such as an email address or a phone number.

Party and Date Range

The Party is the number of travelers on a trip, you can add as many travelers as you want to any trip.

The Date Range reflects the start date of the first confirmed service and the end date of the last confirmed service.


In TravelContact we give you the possibility to share your trips with other agents within the same agency. In this column, you can see who created any trip.


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