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For Admin and Agent

Basic Plus & Pro

Send beautiful itineraries to your clients. It’s effortless to build an itinerary in TravelContact, as we do it for you with the information previously entered on the platform. Take advantage of our integration with Umapped Itinerary App where you will find other time-saving features.


TravelContact itinerary

Enter the itinerary section to find a timeline of the services added earlier. Add images and comments to create an attractive itinerary.

There will be two types of itineraries in this section, the general itinerary, for the whole group with all the services included.  And the personal one, for each individual client on the trip, including only the services in which he/she is involved. Automatically generated by the platform, you can download it as a PDF and send it to your clients.

Publish all information to Umapped and open your itinerary on this trip builder platform with extra features that will help you save time and generate an interactive Web itinerary.

Umapped trip builder


When you create your agency in TravelContact, you have the option to create an account in Umapped and link them. Thanks to our integration with Umapped you will be able to create a web itinerary with extra features like:

Note: If you already have a Umapped account we can integrate both accounts without creating a new one.

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