See a list of suppliers displayed by different filters

Find your suppliers using our different filters: By country or type of service. Check the most recent folder to help you find a supplier faster. Also, you can use the search bar at any point.

Look Around

When you enter the Suppliers Module besides the list, you’ll find the search bar, filters, and the Add Supplier button.

Note: Ask our support team to help you import your entire supplier's database when joining TravelContact.

Name and Type

The Name of the supplier is the name given by the agent. The Type will show the specific type of service for this supplier.

To add a DMC to your database as a supplier, you can do it in the same way as it is done with the other services, you just have to select DMC in the type.

City and Country

When you enter the address for the supplier, make sure you fill out the city and country fields to be able to see the corresponding information on the list. These are not required fields.

Main Phone

The Main Phone is a required field when creating a supplier. You will find it on the list to save time at the time of contacting a supplier.

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