Review specific performances over a period of time

Who can use this feature?

For Admin and Agent


Monitor your suppliers’ sales and see which is your top suppliers for each service type. In Review the agency’s total sales and filter them by service and by suppliers. You’ll be able to establish a date range in order to visualize all the income generated during that time period.


Look Around

When you enter the Suppliers section you will find three filters:

  1. Creation date: Services that were created in the year you selected.
  2. Start date: Services that have a start date in the year you selected.
  3. End date: Services that have an end date in the year you selected.
  4. Confirmation date: Services confirmed in the year you selected.


Select a Service

Choose a service from the list and the platform will deliver specific information about it: Service count, People served, Gross Amount, Expected Commission, Agency Commission and Agent Commission.

If you select the option All services you’ll be able to review information regarding all services. On the other hand, if you select one specific service from the list you will see detailed information by service and the most frequently used suppliers by the agency for each type.

Also, there are two support graphics that could help you analyze and understand the information.


Note: Select specific suppliers to review their performance over a period of time on both property and chain level. Customize your reports since all information is clickable and adapts to your needs.

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