See your clients list displayed by different filters

Find your clients under different filters: All clients, shared clients, leads and prospects listed with their most relevant details. Find your clients faster by organizing them by first name, last name or rating. Also, you can use advanced filters as well as the search bar.

Look Around

When you enter the Clients Module apart from the Clients List, you’ll find the search bar, filter, and sort fields, the three-dots [...] and the Add New Buttons.

  1. Use the Search bar, Filter and Sort fields for easier navigation and also to customize your page view.
  2. When you click on the three-dots [...] button you will find the possibilities to Export and Share your database.
  3. Use the Add new button to create clients individually. To add a client you need to fill out the required fields which are identified with a red asterisk (*). If a client doesn't have an email address or a phone number you can select the main traveler (a client that already exists in the database) as a form of contact. Also, you can save a person as a prospect and the platform won't require a method of contact until you add this person to a trip.

Note: Ask our support team to help you import your entire database when joining TravelContact.

Clients Attributes and Source

In the list you will find a column with the Clients Attributes, they refer to sensitive and relevant information about your clients such as medical information if the client is a minor or if it’s shared with another travel agent.

TravelContact allows administrative users to assign clients to different travel agents within the same company. In the Source column, you can check the client’s ownership.

Main Traveler and Rating

If your client is a Main Traveler in your database you will see a check mark in this column.
Rating: Identified with stars this functionality will help you classify. Enter the client's profile to rate them.



The email usually is the main method of contact in our platform. You can add a client’s email address at any point. 

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