Have all your suppliers information you need in one place

On the Suppliers Module, you’ll find a structured supplier database for all TravelContact accounts. It is easy to access and create a complete profile for your contact person on each company. Also, the supplier's module allows you to add and view the registered DMCs in your database.

Main Advantages

We created an entire database of potential suppliers, with all the general information you may need about them. You can add many other details about your suppliers that will help you save time when you need to contact them.

Daily operations

You’ll need to use the supplier/DMC’s database every time you create a new service on a trip. Complete each supplier profile with all the information you need (the more information you have on your supplier, the better structured the Database will be). You can also contact your supplier faster since you’ll have the contact information section available.

Note: If you can't find the supplier you are looking for in the database, you can always create a new one and add it.

Link with other modules

Within the trips module, in order to be able to add a service, you will need to use the supplier’s information from the database. The supplier’s information will appear in the list of services, on the itinerary we created for your client and within the details of the invoice generated. You can create a new supplier from the trips module.

Also if you enter the reports module, you will find a suppliers section that will let you monitor your suppliers’ sales and see which are your top suppliers for each type of service.

Note: You can create new suppliers from the trips module and they will be automatically saved in your database. Also, you can add a new DMC from the trips module, it will be automatically saved in the database.

Lean on your suppliers' database

Manage your supplier’s information to improve the content of your database.

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