Monitor and keep track of your agent's performances

Who can use this feature?

For Admin and Agent


The agency can monitor their agents down to the last detail and the agents can revise their own performance in this section. Select a specific date range to review an agent’s performance regarding total sales and commissions plus downloadable reports for services sold, commissions received, commission paid out and agents’ fees.

Look Around

When you enter the Agents section you will find three filters:

  1. Creation date: Services that were created in the year you selected.
  2. Start date: Services that have a start date in the year you selected.
  3. End date: Services that have an end date in the year you selected.
  4. Confirmation date: Services confirmed in the year you selected.


Totalization Boxes

Through these boxes, it is possible to monitor more effectively the sales and commissions generated by any/ or all travel agents.

You will find five totalization boxes each one for a different aspect of agent’s performance: Gross Amount, Expected Commission, Commission Paid, Agency Commission paid and Agent. Commission paid plus a fee.


Agents list

In this section, you’ll see: Gross sales amount for each agent; total commission generated; detailed amounts for commissions received by the agency and the agent as well; and finally any fees or prizes involved in these payments. Plus two micro-graphics with costs and commission information.


Select an agent from the list to be able to see further details about their activities on the platform.

Cost and Commissions Split Graphics

Use this information to breakdown the cost and commissions information. The information will be shown by the amount and percentage to make your work easier.


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