Create Client Groups in a Trip

Date: 08/05/19

We are glad to announce that from now on, you will be able to group clients within trips and generate independent or grouped invoices.

(This section is available to users currently in trial, early bird promotion or with a subscription plan of Basic Plus or higher) 

To explore this new feature, visit the Trip Section and select Clients where you will now find a separate tab to create and review new Groups.


How does this work?

Client Section:
  • Create a new group.
  • Select the clients belonging to this group and assign the main client.
  • At any time, create new, edit existing or delete a group.
Services Section:
  • Split the cost of a service when entering cost information.
  • Select from the groups created for this trip and follow the wizard to enter the cost information and divide evenly or unevenly between all groups.
Invoice’s Section:
  • Generate grouped or individual invoices.
  • Add new services to an existing invoice.
  • Enter payments to grouped or individual invoices.



Itinerary Section Update

Date: 07/26/19

We know you will appreciate the improvements made to TravelContact’s Itinerary Section!With just one click, view the entire trip summary; select to filter by a specific client; or download a trip proposal to send to your clients. We invite you to visit and browse.

(This section is available to users currently in trial, or with any subscription plan that includes access to the Trip Module)

Based on your requests for this section, we focused on ease of use and simplicity. There is no extra work, all information entered when creating a trip is then organized in a timeline of services.


What information will I find?

  • View a General Trip Summary and Individual Summaries for each client in the trip.
  • Generate Itineraries by selecting all confirmed services.
  • Generate Proposals by selecting to include only services in proposal status. 
  • Download and personalize with agency logo and information.

Users with Umapped Integration:

Continue working on your itineraries from TravelContact and access all added functionalities facilitated by this integration.



New Type Of Service, DMC!

Date: 07/16/19

We have great news! We are introducing an all new type of service to TravelContact.

DMCs are now part of our service list. In the trip Module, Click on Add Service and you’ll see now that you have the option to add Wholesaler/DMC, click on this option and in general service info simply click on DMC. 

(This is available to users currently in trial, early bird promotion or with a subscription plan of Basic Plus or higher)

Also, in the Supplier Module, you’ll be able to add DMCs as a type of supplier to your Supplier’s Database.

Trip Dashboard

Date: 07/10/19

We just launched a new section to our platform from which you will be able to view and act upon important client reminders by sending out email notifications. To visit, go to TravelContact’s main menu and select Reminders.

(This section is available to users currently in trial, early bird promotion or with a subscription plan of Basic Plus or higher)

This new project management tool will help monitor, analyze and track all trip metrics from one place and follow up on pending invoices and commission payments with a summary of what’s owed and past due.


What information will I find?

  • Summary of clients and services as well as general trip information.
  • Total trip cost summarized for Air Services, Other Services, and Trip Markup.
  • Metrics for Commissions expected and received.
  • Totals for final payments and deposits received from Clients and Suppliers.
  • Pending invoices with a balance due.
  • Actions for quick access and quick add.



Other updates to the Platform:

Date: 01/17/19

  • When creating or editing an invoice, you will be able to add a discount percentage to the total amount.
  • Now you can visualize the payment details of any invoice (Paid sum, as well as, amount left to pay).

Date: 01/10/19

Upgrades to the editing tool for cabins and rooms:

  • New look & feel in the rooms and the cabins section of the Cruise and Lodging services.
  • You can see the details of any room or cabin in the preview functionality.
  • New editing functionality for rooms and for cabins.
  • Now when you edit the clients in a room or in a cabin, the changes will be made to the invoice automatically.


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