Transactional Reports

Date: 06/11/19

We are introducing a new section to our platform from which you will be able to browsegenerate and export reports on all your transactional data. 

(Please note it is available to all users in trial or with a subscription plan that includes the trip module)

This new section was developed based on requests and feedback from our current users and is being released in a Beta Version for all to start using. The idea is for it to completely replace the Agent Reports generated from the Report Module. However, both sections will co-exist for a month while you test and familiarize yourselves.


What information will I find?

  1. Services Reports: View all services created within a selected date range.
  2. Commissions Reports: View commissions that have not yet been received by the agency, commissions to be paid out to agents and commissions already paid out to the agent.
  3. Input Commissions: View all services and enter commission payments. (Available to admin users only. This section will replace the Services Section accessed from the User Menu)


The information for all reports will be updated live (no lag time) and all reports can be exported to an excel format.


Other updates to the Platform:

Date: 08/29/19

  •  New filters of commissions, invoices and services by agencies in the transaction reports.

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