Send reminders to your clients

Date: 06/21/19

We just launched a new section to our platform from which you will be able to view and act upon important client reminders by sending out email notifications. To visit, go to TravelContact’s main menu and select Reminders.

(This section is available to users currently in trial, early bird promotion or with a subscription plan of Basic Plus or higher)

We are very proud to release this feature as it was requested by many of our users. The current version includes reminders on the client side for Birthdays, AnniversariesPassport Expiration and Visa Expiration, as well as direct email notifications. We will continue adding functionality to include reminders for trips and supplier or client payments in future releases.


Included in this new section:

  1. For each reminder, view a list of clients matching the search criteria.
  2. Send individual, grouped or mass email notifications to selected clients.
  3. View a list of all communications sent and resend at any time.


Changes to the client profile:

  1. History of all communications sent a client.
  2. Send email messages directly to a client.


Other updates to the Platform:

Date: 09/04/19

  • Now you can add attachments to communications that are sent through Reminders.


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