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Import commission payments from an Excel file

We‌ ‌have‌ ‌a‌ ‌great‌ ‌feature‌ ‌for‌ ‌Admin‌ ‌Users‌ ‌in‌ ‌TravelContact‌‌ that‌ ‌simplifies‌ ‌the‌ ‌commission‌ ‌entering‌ ‌process‌ ‌by‌ ‌ allowing‌ ‌to‌ bulk import commission payments‌ ‌from‌ ‌an‌ ‌Excel file.


Main Features:
  • Save time by importing multiple transactions at once
  • Customize file to include needed fields for payment details
  • Possibility to import ONYX/ TACS files

How to import commission payments from an Excel File:



  1. Go to the Commissions Module and select Add Transaction from Excel File.
  2. Browse your computer and select the excel file to import, then click Next. Optional: Download the sample excel file to see an example on how to format your file.
  3. You will need to map all columns in your file to fields in TravelContact. Make sure to select if the first row in the file is a header row.
  4. Check your transaction’s total payment matches the total entries in your file and if needed enter more details. When done select Add Transaction and Start Reconciliation.
  5. Proceed to find and match commissions for all unrecognized entries and when done, select Finish Reconciliation.


Here is a tutorial video on this feature:

Generate Multiple Invoices for Services

Thanks to our user feedback we added a new feature to TravelContact that will allow you to generate multiple invoices for services payable to the agency. The feature is called Custom Invoicing.

Main Features:

  • Possibility to confirm and invoice now or confirm and invoice later.

  • Generate multiple invoices with different issue date and due dates.

  • Track both invoices and bills from one place.


How to Generate Multiple Invoices:
Select trip services (payable to agency) and from Actions select Confirm and Invoice Now.  In the Confirm and Invoice pop-up scroll down to select Custom Invoicing.



Enter the number of invoices you wish to create


For the services selected track: Total Due, Due to Invoice, Total Bill and Due to Bill.

For the invoices generated you can enter: Issue Date, Due Date (if different from issue date), Discount (when applicable), Amount to Invoice, Amount to Bill (optional).


When Done, select Confirm and Invoice.

Note, if you previously selected Confirm and Invoice Later you can go to the Accounting Section at any time and under Invoices search for the services that have not yet been invoiced and select Add New to generate a new invoice for that service.

Create Tasks Templates and Change Trip Ownership

You asked, we listened!  We added two great features to TravelContact.  Now, you will be able to create tasks templates for your trips and admin users will also be able to change ownership and assign trips to other advisors.

Manage Templates when using the Google Tasks Integration: 
When creating a trip, you will have the option to create a new tasks template or select from the templates that have already been created.  When a template is selected for a trip it will be saved as a trip task list which you can always edit to delete or add tasks at the trip level. To access your Trip Tasks Lists you can visit the Tasks, Notes & Docs section of each Trip, or you can go to the Tasks section in the Dashboard where you can access all Trip Lists created. Coming soon:  New section to group all tasks from Trip Lists together and sort them by due date and creation date.

As an Admin User, assign trips and change ownership:
When creating a trip, an admin user will have the option to change the ownership of the trip and assign it to other active users in the agency. At any time, the admin user can edit ownership by accessing the trip and selecting the editing pen icon next to the trip name (located in the trip banner).
Then, go back to your supplier list and select one or multiple labels to narrow your search. You can also include filters by destination and supplier type.

Here is a quick video on these two features:

Update To Trip Accounting And Invoice Tracking

Our goal in TravelContact has always been to innovate and bring you new features that will help you streamline your daily processes. With this is mind, we made two important updates to the Trip Module:

1. Simplified the creation and tracking of invoices from within each trip.

From the new Accounting Section (previously Invoice & Commission), you will manage payments separately depending if the payment was made to the Agency: Option to Confirm and Invoice; or to the Supplier: Option to Confirm, but this will not generate an invoice as the client is not paying the agency directly.

You will find 3 sections:
- Invoices: View, edit and enter payments to all client invoices.
- Supplier Payments: Enter payments to each specific supplier.

- Commissions: Manage all commissions expected and received (no change to this section).

2. Possibility to send out a proposal or final itinerary directly from the platform with or without service cost information.

Now, you have the option to download a proposal or final trip itinerary with detailed cost information at the service level. You can also send it to your clients directly from the platform and include a personalized message.

Here is a quick video tutorial on the new flow for Trip Accounting:

Add Supplier Labels

We have a great new feature for you! You can now add labels to your suppliers and use them to filter your search. You will be able to create new labels and access all labels created by other users from your agency.

To add a new label, simply select a supplier from your list and open the supplier profile. Find the box for labels and click on add a new label. At this time, you will be able to search for existing labels, create new ones or edit and delete labels from a supplier.

Then, go back to your supplier list and select one or multiple labels to narrow your search. You can also include filters by destination and supplier type.

Here is a quick video tutorial:

Credit Card Storage - Auric

We added a great new feature to TravelContact: Credit Card Storage powered by Auric. Now, you can safely store and access all your clients Credit Cards at any time. 

All Credit Card data is encrypted and stored using AuricVault® which is compliant with worldwide security requirements, including PCI DSS. For more information:

You can find the new Credit Card section in the client profile menu. Add as many cards as your client has and access with two-way authentication.

Check out this short tutorial: 


Quick Add

We added a great new feature to TravelContact: Quick Add! This is a great and easy way to add services to a Trip, with less required fields and in less time.

To find this new feature, go to a trip and click on Add Service and choose Quick Add. You will be able to add multiple services at once with or without cost information.  If you want to add services with more detailed information, you can always select the Advanced option and proceed as you normally would.

When to use quick add vs advanced?

Quick: Quick trip building with minimal information.
Advanced: More detailed information. Examples:

1. When adding services with multiple currencies.
2. Dividing cost of a service amongst groups.
3. Sending Itineraries to your client.

Keep in mind, you can always go back to services added under Quick and Advanced Features to Edit or Add more information.

Check out this short tutorial: 


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